Can you fix a job done incorrectly by another tradesman?

Yes, we will assess the work done and the contract agreement with previous tradesperson to assess their liability and your right to compensation for repair work.  We will then provide a qualified contractor to complete the project to your satisfaction.


How can I be sure the work meets Australian Standards?

SEBC only uses licenced contractors and can arrange a third party building inspector if required.


Is there a defect liability period?

Yes, we offer a defect liability period according to the scope of work: ranging from 6-12 months on all works and 3-6 years on new structural work.


Do I have to be home during works?

No, we use a hand-picked team of professional contractors allowing you the convenience of continuing your everyday lives.


How do I pay for the work?

We accept electronic money transfers and personal cheques. The details of which will be provided on your invoice. All accounts to be paid within 7 working days from work completion.


Do you guarantee a time of completion?

Yes, a detailed site report and scope of work with a detailed work schedule and completion date agreed by all parties.


Will there be extra costs?

There will be no extra costs to the agreed upon quote.  Any extra works outside the original contract to be quoted and agreed upon prior to commencement.


How soon can you start my project?

Depending on the size and scope of the work a quote should be available within 3-4 working days. Once the quote has been agreed upon, the work can commence straight away.